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Reznikoff, William Senior Research Scholar, Josephine Bay Paul Center


Dr. William Reznikoff is a molecular biologist by training. Previously he was a Senior Research Scientist in the JBPC continuing studies that he had first started during 37 years as a Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Reznikoff’s graduate research studied bacterial viral DNA structure. As a postdoctoral fellow he studied the genomic elements controlling the lactose operon expression. Upon establishing his own laboratory at the University of Wisconsin he first continued his studies initiated as a post doctoral fellow culminating in the first DNA sequence analysis of a bacterial gene system regulatory elements and in studies of how DNA sequence modulated recognition by RNA polymerase. Dr. Reznikoff then became interested in studying the structure of genes that encoded antibiotic resistances and, finally, in the molecular mechanisms leading to DNA transposition. The DNA transposition studies led to the first reported structural analysis of a protein – DNA transposition complex and to the determination of how this complex functions to excise and insert transposon DNA. His laboratory’s work relied heavily on microbial genetic and biochemical approaches. He also used DNA sequencing and, through collaboration, X-ray crystallography. The work on transposition led to several patents as well as a commercially available product used world wide in next generation DNA sequencing.

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