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Lindell, Scott Visiting Investigator, Biology


Scott Lindell is a fisheries and marine biologist with 15 years of commercial fish farming experience prior to returning to full-time research and development. As the Director of the Scientific Aquaculture Program at the MBL from 2004 - 2016, he conducted research on improving methods for culturing microalgae, macroalgae, fish and shellfish in partnership with natural resource management agencies, commercial enterprises and other academic institutions. He has pioneered methods for acoustically training and ranching fish in open waters and has patents on wastewater treatment in aquaculture systems, and on special hydrocarbons derived from marine algae. Recently funded projects include development of partnerships and methods for open-ocean mussel and seaweed farming, and nutrient bioextraction with seaweeds and shellfish. Two current projects involve the design and engineering of new offshore aquaculture gear to prevent the possible entanglement of protected species. The uncertainty of risks to whales and sea turtles poses a regulatory hurdle for shellfish and seaweed culture depending on the site. Another current project is developing novel methods for efficient blue mussel seed production. Lindell was responsible for obtaining permits of the first commercial aquaculture lease in Federal waters of the East Coast in 2014, and has recently consulted for aquaculture developments in Haiti, Mexico and most recently for mussel farms in Morocco.

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