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Jenouvrier, Stephanie Assistant Scientist, Biology


Large changes are occurring in the Earth’s climate and in the ocean’s physical characteristics and climate models project that these changes will continue into the next century. There is a pressing need to better understand and predict the ecological responses of present and future climate changes. Guiding conservation and management programs requires understanding of past and current population responses to climate change in order to obtain suitable forecasting models to predict future population responses. Seabirds are good bio-indicator species of the ecological consequences of both climate and oceanographic changes because they are long-lived, upper trophic-level predators, that forage over very large spatial scales and therefore, integrate the environmental effect on the food web. My goal is to link climate models to demographic models to study and predict the population responses to current and future climate change for a community of seabirds, “sentinel of climate change”. This requires a three steps approach. (1) Monitoring and describing the ecology and demography of seabirds. To do so, I’m participating in long-term programs on several seabirds breeding colonies in the southern ocean from Antarctica to sub-tropical island. (2) Understanding the population dynamics of seabirds and population responses to climate change. (3) Projecting the population responses to future climate change using climate forecast models developed in the assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). As such, my research is highly inter-disciplinary, centered in population dynamics and seabird ecology, but with strong linkages to conservation biology, physical oceanography and climate modeling.

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