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Gallager, Scott Associate Scientist, Biology


My research focuses on the functional morphology and biophysics of locomotion and feeding in microplankton, meroplankton, holoplankton, and icthyoplankton including understanding the importance of early life history stages in recruitment success in fishes, and optimizing culture techniques of microbial communities, particularly microplankton. Development of instrumentation for quantifying the micro-scale to meso-scale distributions and the physical environment of plankton is central to my research objectives. I am an active participant in the IOOS initiative to develop oceanographic observatories throughout the northeast and have recently been funded to install OceanCubes cabled observatories off Motobu Point, Okinawa, Japan, Oshima Island, Japan, and both sides of the Panamanian Isthmus (oceancubes.whoi.edu). Large scale stereo benthic imaging is providing an important view of multi-scale processes from mm to 1000s of km. Habitat suitability modeling allows us to view and quantify how organisms are distributed in reference to their physical and geochemical environment. The goal is to combine information acquired at these scales into a synoptic, dynamic picture of the coastal ecosystem and the organisms that it supports.

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