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Todd, Robert Assistant Scientist, Physical Oceanography


I am a physical oceanographer studying coastal and boundary current systems. My research focuses on processes that link the nearshore and continental shelf to the open ocean, such as along- and across-shore transport processes, stirring and mixing of water masses, and the coastal response to larger-scale forcing events. Understanding these coastal processes is essential to understanding ecologically and economically important coastal ecosystems and to improving the skill of regional- and global-scale models that may parameterize smaller-scale processes along coasts. Emerging technologies have been key to my investigations of coastal processes, and I continue to be involved in furthering the development of coastal observing platforms. Much of my work has relied on autonomous underwater gliders for collection of long-duration, high-resolution observations. I primarily use the Spray glider (photo below), which was developed jointly at WHOI and Scripps, but also have experience with the Webb Slocum glider. In addition to hydrographic measurements, I routinely measure currents using glider-mounted acoustic Doppler current profilers.

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