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Rosenthal, Joshua Senior Scientist, Bell Center


My lab examines on a form of editing mediated by the hydrolytic deamination of adenosine residues in mRNAs. By changing adenosine to inosine, which is read by the ribosome as guanosine, codons can be mutated and protein structure and function changed. Projects in my lab focus on two general areas. First, we are trying to manipulate the molecular machinery for RNA editing so that we can direct it to edit where we want. Using this approach we can correct genetic mutations and manipulate protein function at the mRNA level. Some of our recent studies have focused on correcting mutations within CFTR, a chloride channel that, when defective, causes cystic fibrosis. A second avenue of investigation in my lab is directed towards better understanding high-level RNA editing in cephalopods. Squid and octopus edit at unprecedented levels and we want to better understand the structure and function of their RNA editing enzymes, and the physiological consequences of the edits on ion channel and transporter function. We are particularly interested in understanding the interaction between RNA editing and the external environment.

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