Determinants of the severity of cruise vessel accidents Academic Article uri icon


  • This study investigates determinants of the property damage and injury severities of cruise vessel accidents. Detailed data of individual cruise vessel accidents for the 11-year time period 1991-2001 that were investigated by the U.S. Coast Guard were used to estimate cruise-vessel accident property damage and injury severity equations. The estimation results suggest that cruise vessel damage cost per vessel gross ton is greater for: allision, collision, equipment-failure, explosion, fire, flooding, and grounding cruise vessel accidents than for other types of accidents and a human cause. The accident injury severity is greater for ocean cruise than for inland waterway and harbor/dinner cruise vessel accidents and a human cause. The unit damage cost of $207 for explosion accidents is greater than that for other types of accidents. If the accident is caused by a human factor, the probability of non-fatal and fatal injuries increases by 0.0877 and 0.0077, respectively.

publication date

  • March 2008