Acoustic scattering by axisymmetric finite-length bodies: An extension of a two-dimensional conformal mapping method Academic Article uri icon


  • A general scattering formulation is presented for predicting the far-field scattered pressure from irregular, axisymmetric, finite-length bodies for three boundary conditions-soft, rigid, and fluid. The formulation is an extension of a two-dimensional conformal mapping approach [D. T. DiPerna and T. K. Stanton, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 96, 3064-3079 (1994)] to scattering by finite-length bodies. This extended formulation, which is inherently numerically efficient, involves conformally mapping the surface of an irregular, finite-length body to a new, orthogonal coordinate system in which the separation of variables method may be used to solve the Helmholtz equation and satisfy the boundary conditions. Extensive comparisons with previously published results using other formulations are presented. This formulation is shown to be accurate in the prediction of scattering from smooth, symmetric bodies for a wide range of frequencies (Rayleigh through geometric scattering region), scattering angles (monostatic and bistatic), aspect ratios, and for each of the three boundary conditions listed above. Reasonable agreement has also been demonstrated for irregular, realistic shapes with soft boundary conditions. (C) 2004 Acoustical Society of America.

publication date

  • August 2004