TiO[sub 2](B) Nanotubes as Negative Electrodes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Academic Article uri icon


  • TiO2 (B) nanotubes were investigated as anodes for rechargeable lithium batteries. They can accommodate up to 338 mAh g(-1) of charge, equivalent to Li1.01TiO2 (B) at a potential of similar to 1.5 V vs Li+ (1 M)/Li. Rate capability is good with a capacity of 95 mAh g(-1) at 2000 mA g(-1) (21C). Capacity fade is 0.16% per cycle compared with 0.10% for the corresponding nanowires. There is an irreversible capacity loss of 29% on the first cycle but thereafter charge/discharge efficiency is close to 100%. (c) 2006 The Electrochemical Society.

publication date

  • 2006