The Finescale Response of Lowered ADCP Velocity Profiles Academic Article uri icon


  • Lowered acoustic Doppler current profiler (LADCP) velocity profiles are compared with simultaneous higher-resolution expendable current profiler (XCP) profiles to determine the lowered ADCP’s response at short wavelengths. Although lowered ADCP spectra are attenuated in comparison to XCP spectra for vertical wavelengths as large as 150 m, the signals are coherent for wavelengths between 50 and 1200 m. A model spectral transfer function based on the expected response for the lowered ADCP reproduces the observed attenuation. Spectrally corrected LADCP data can be used to infer turbulent eddy diffusivities to within a factor of 3-4 using a finescale parameterization.

publication date

  • February 2002