Association of the polyadenylate segment of messenger RNA with other polynucleotide sequences in mouse sarcoma 180 polyribosomes. Academic Article uri icon


  • Limited digestion of polysomal RNA with pancreatic ribonuclease releases a structure consisting of poly(A) associated with other polyribonucleotide sequences. This complex can be purified by oligo(dT)-cellulose chromatography. Heating for formamide treatment causes the dissociation of fragments free of poly(A) from the poly(A)-containing components. The two types of fragments tend to reassociate under annealing conditions, and this association is prevented by poly(U). Control experiments indicate that this structure is not an artifact generated during the manipulations. The same structure can be obtained by limited RNase digestion of polyribosomes, followed by deproteinization. The results suggest that the mRNA in polyribosomes may have a defined configuration caused by the interaction of the poly(A) sequence with another segment of the RNA.

publication date

  • July 29, 1975