A large volume particulate and water multi-sampler with in situ preservation for microbial and biogeochemical studies Academic Article uri icon


  • A new tool was developed for large volume sampling to facilitate marine microbiology and biogeochemical studies. It was developed for remotely operated vehicle and hydrocast deployments, and allows for rapid collection of multiple sample types from the water column and dynamic, variable environments such as rising hydrothermal plumes. It was used successfully during a cruise to the hydrothermal vent systems of the Mid-Cayman Rise. The Suspended Particulate Rosette V2 large volume multi-sampling system allows for the collection of 14 sample sets per deployment. Each sample set can include filtered material, whole (unfiltered) water, and filtrate. Suspended particulate can be collected on filters up to 142 mm in diameter and pore sizes down to 0.2 mu m. Filtration is typically at flowrates of 2 L min(-1) For particulate material, filtered volume is constrained only by sampling time and filter capacity, with all sample volumes recorded by digital flowmeter. The suspended particulate filter holders can be filled with preservative and sealed immediately after sample collection. Up to 2 L of whole water, filtrate, or a combination of the two, can be collected as part of each sample set. The system is constructed of plastics with titanium fasteners and nickel alloy spring loaded seals. There are no ferrous alloys in the sampling system. Individual sample lines are prefilled with filtered, deionized water prior to deployment and remain sealed unless a sample is actively being collected. This system is intended to facilitate studies concerning the relationship between marine microbiology and ocean biogeochemistry. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

publication date

  • December 2014