Präventive Hausbesuche im Alter: Entwicklung und Pilottestung eines multidimensionalen Abklärungsinstruments Academic Article uri icon


  • Preventive home visits with multidimensional geriatric assessment have been shown to delay or prevent the onset of disability and reduce nursing home admissions in older people. The purpose of the present study was to develop and test a multidimensional instrument for in-home preventive assessments in older persons. In developing the instrument, we conducted a systematic literature review of risk factors for functional status decline and of appropriate instruments for measuring these risk factors. Based on an Expert Panel using a modified Delphi process [1] the risk factor domains for functional status decline were chosen, [2] the instruments for evaluating each of the included risk factor domains were selected, and [3] the individual instruments were combined into one comprehensive assessment instrument. A German language version of the original English version of the instrument was developed based on translation, backtranslation, and cultural adaptation. The feasibility of use of the new instrument was evaluated in a field test in 150 people aged 75 years and older in Hamburg, Ulm, Germany, and Bern, Switzerland. The instrument was well accepted by the older persons. The prevalence of risk factors for functional status decline in these populations (e.g., physical inactivity, urinary incontinence, vision impairment) was high. There was also a high prevalence of underuse of preventive care measures (e.g., no pneumococcal vaccination in over 95 percent of persons). These preliminary results support the possible usefulness of this instrument for conducting preventive home visits or for epidemiological purposes (e. g., prevention surveillance). In a next phase, the test-retest reliability of the instrument, and the feasibility and reliability of self-administration as compared to interviewer administration will be described in a separate paper.

publication date

  • February 1, 2000