Stable carbon isotope ratio of tree leaves, boles and fine litter in a tropical forest in Rondônia, Brazil. Academic Article uri icon


  • Leaves of 208 trees were collected for isotopic analysis together with wood from 36 tree boles and 18 samples of fine litter from a terra-firme forest located at Samuel Ecological Reserve, Rondônia State, in the southwestern Amazon region. The range of ?13C values in leaves was from -28 to -36‰, with an average (±1 SD) of -32.1?±?1.5‰, which was more negative than the ?13C values of bole samples (-28.4?±?2.0‰) and fine litter (-28.7?±?2.0‰). These values are within the range found for tropical and subtropical forests. Pooling the ?13C values for leaf samples from trees of the same height gave averages which were positively correlated with plant height at a highly significant level, with a slope of 0.06 and an intercept of -33.3‰ and a correlation coefficient r 2=0.70 (P<0.001).

publication date

  • April 1998