Interaction between EB1 and p150glued is required for anaphase astral microtubule elongation and stimulation of cytokinesis. Academic Article uri icon


  • In animal cells, microtubules (MTs) of the mitotic apparatus (MA) communicate with the cell cortex to stimulate cytokinesis; however, the molecular nature of this stimulus remains elusive . A signal for cytokinesis likely involves the MT plus end binding family of proteins, which includes EB1, p150glued, APC, LIS1, and CLIP-170. These proteins modulate MT dynamics and facilitate interactions between growing MTs and their intracellular targets, including kinetochores, organelles, and the cell cortex . The dynein-dynactin complex mediates many of these microtubule capture events . We report that EB1 and p150glued interactions are required for stimulation of cytokinesis in dividing sea urchin eggs. Injected antibodies against EB1 or p150glued suppressed furrow ingression but did not prevent elongation of anaphase astral MTs toward the cortex, suggesting that EB1 and dynactin are both required for communication between the MA and the cortex. Targeted disruption of the interaction between EB1 and p150glued suppressed anaphase astral MT elongation and resulted in a delay of cytokinesis that could not be overcome by manipulation of the asters toward the cortex. We conclude that EB1 and dynactin participate in stimulation of the cleavage furrow, and their interaction promotes elongation of astral MTs at anaphase onset.

publication date

  • December 20, 2005