Purification and structural characterisation of human HLA-linked B-cell antigens. Academic Article uri icon


  • The human B cell-specific alloantigen which is closely linked genetically to HLA contains two non-covalently associated, sialogycoprotein subunits of molecular weight (MW) 29,000 (p29), and 34,000 (p34). Although p29 and p34 have different amino-terminal sequences, their tyrosine peptide maps indicate considerable similarity in other portions of their polypeptide chains. Thus the genes for their proteins may have evolved by duplication of a common ancestral gene. Another lymphocyte cell surface protein of MW 16,000 (p16) has also been characterised. Both p16 and p44 (the heavy chain of HLA-A,B antigens) have been compared with p29 and p34.

publication date

  • July 21, 1977