Antigens associated with the activation of murine mononuclear phagocytes in vivo: differential expression of lymphocyte function-associated antigen in the several stages of development. Academic Article uri icon


  • Two well-characterized antigens [Mac-1 and lymphocyte-function-associated antigen (LFA-1)], expressed on a variety of leukocytes, are members of a family of surface proteins associated with multiple recognition functions. To analyze expression of these proteins during macrophage development, we utilized both radioimmunoassay and flow cytometry. As previously reported, Mac-1 is expressed on murine macrophages in all stages of development. We found LFA-1 to be present on murine mononuclear phagocytes but only in certain stages of their development. Specifically, we found LFA-1 was expressed on murine tissue macrophages but only on those activated in vivo by bacillus Calmette Guerin (BCG) or, to a lesser extent, primed by pyran copolymer. Although LFA-1 was absent on inflammatory (responsive) and resident tissue macrophages it was also present on blood-borne monocytes. Activated macrophages also selectively expressed the H-11 and Ly-6 antigens. Thus, these data indicate that LFA-1 is selectively expressed on mononuclear phagocytes of the tissues but only on those in the primed and activated stages of development.

publication date

  • August 1985