The kinetics and shear threshold of transient and rolling interactions of L-selectin with its ligand on leukocytes. Academic Article uri icon


  • The kinetics of rolling and transient adhesions through selectins may depend on the kinetics and mechanical properties of the selectin:ligand bond, as well as on cellular properties including receptor-anchoring to the cell membrane and cytoskeleton. Kinetics are known to depend on the selectin and may also be ligand dependent. Here, we study the kinetics of transient and rolling interactions of leukocytes with L-selectin immobilized on a substrate. Remarkably, all properties examined are similar to those seen when the sidedness is opposite, i.e., when the L-selectin ligand is on the substrate and when the ligand is isolated from HEV rather than present on leukocytes. The similar properties include rolling velocity, a threshold shear stress above 0.4 dyn/cm2 required to support rolling, a k degreesoff of 7.0 to 6.8 s-1 for the L-selectin tether bond, and a mechanical bond length of 0.24 to 0.20 A. Our results argue against a model in which L-selectin shedding mediates rolling. Furthermore, the fast and force-resistant kinetic properties suggest that L-selectin is specialized dynamically for tethering leukocytes to vessel walls and adherent leukocytes.

publication date

  • September 29, 1998