Distribution of acid protease activity in the squid nervous system. Academic Article uri icon


  • Acid protease activity was measured in homogenized stellate ganglion, axoplasm extruded from the squid giant axon, homogenized fin nerves, and in lysed synaptosomes prepared from the optic lobe of the squid. At least two different acid protease classes were distinguished on the bases of their inhibitor profiles. Acid protease activity was present in each of the above tissues except extruded axoplasm. This result suggests that the acid protease activity found in our homogenized fin nerves might be located not within the axons but rather in glial cells or extracellular tissue. The absence of acid protease activity in extruded axoplasm indicates that acid proteases are unlikely to play a significant role in the catabolism of intracellular proteins along the length of the axon.

publication date

  • February 1984