The effect of atherogenic infusions of the triglyceride-rich, lipid emulsion, Lipofundin-S, on the in vitro growth characteristics of rat aortic smooth muscle cells. Academic Article uri icon


  • This study shows that arterial smooth muscle cells (SMC) isolated from rats receiving atherogenic doses of the lipid emulsion, Lipofundin-S, alter their in vitro growth properties. Compared to cells from control animals, SMC isolated from Lipofundin-S-infused rats show a reduction in both saturation density and response to increasing serum concentrations, without a change in the baseline proliferation. Also, SMC isolated from lipid-treated animals and grown for five days in the presence of 30, 150, or 300 pg/ml estradiol show a 30% increase in growth vs. cells from controls. Epinephrine at 1 microM stimulates growth in SMC from control rats, while causing no growth enhancement over five days in cells from lipid-infused animals. Thus, atherogenic infusions of Lipofundin-S into rats cause phenotypic changes in arterial SMC which can be passed to successive cell generations in vitro.

publication date

  • 1992

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