Altered palmitoylation and neuropathological deficits in mice lacking HIP14. Academic Article uri icon


  • Huntingtin interacting protein 14 (HIP14, ZDHHC17) is a huntingtin (HTT) interacting protein with palmitoyl transferase activity. In order to interrogate the function of Hip14, we generated mice with disruption in their Hip14 gene. Hip14-/- mice displayed behavioral, biochemical and neuropathological defects that are reminiscent of Huntington disease (HD). Palmitoylation of other HIP14 substrates, but not Htt, was reduced in the Hip14-/- mice. Hip14 is dysfunctional in the presence of mutant htt in the YAC128 mouse model of HD, suggesting that altered palmitoylation mediated by HIP14 may contribute to HD.

publication date

  • October 15, 2011