SAS-4 is essential for centrosome duplication in C elegans and is recruited to daughter centrioles once per cell cycle. Academic Article uri icon


  • The mechanisms governing centrosome duplication remain poorly understood. We identified a gene called sas-4 that is essential for this process in C. elegans. SAS-4 encodes a predicted coiled-coil protein that localizes to a tiny dot in the center of centrosomes throughout the cell cycle. FRAP experiments with GFP-SAS-4 transgenic embryos reveal that SAS-4 is recruited to the centrosome once per cell cycle, at the time of organelle duplication. Additional evidence indicates that SAS-4 is recruited to the daughter centriole or a closely associated structure. These findings identify SAS-4 recruitment as a key step in the centrosome duplication cycle.

publication date

  • March 2003