Identification of the vertebrate Iroquois homeobox gene family with overlapping expression during early development of the nervous system. Academic Article uri icon


  • In Drosophila the decision processes between the neural and epidermal fate for equipotent ectodermal cells depend on the activity of proneural genes. Members of the Drosophila Iroquois-Complex (Iro-C) positively regulate the activity of certain proneural AS-C genes during the formation of external sensory organs. We have identified and characterized three mouse Iroquois-related genes: Irx1, -2 and -3, which have a homeodomain very similar to that of the Drosophila Iro-C genes. The sequence similarity implies that these three genes represent a separate homeobox family. All three genes are expressed with distinct spatio/temporal patterns during early mouse embryogenesis. These patterns implicate them in a number of embryonic developmental processes: the A/P and D/V patterning of specific regions of the central nervous system (CNS), and regionalization of the otic vesicle, branchial epithelium and limbs.

publication date

  • December 1997