A transglutaminase-related antigen associates with keratin filaments in some mouse epidermal cells. Academic Article uri icon


  • A mouse monoclonal IgG, G82, directed against guinea pig liver transglutaminase recognizes a transglutaminase-related antigen that is associated with the keratin intermediate filament network in some primary mouse keratinocytes. The association can be seen at the resolution of individual keratin tonofibrils following fixation and staining for double-label indirect immunofluorescence. Western blots indicate that G82 reacts with two proteins of 95 kDa and 280 kDa, respectively, in extracts of these cells. The 95-kDa band is also recognized by a polyclonal antibody against purified guinea pig liver transglutaminase, and the 280-kDa protein seems to correspond to a similar protein that was shown to be recognized by G92.1.2 in the intermediate filament fraction of primary mouse fibroblasts. The transglutaminase-related antigen was shown by confocal microscopy to co-localize only with nonbasal cell specific keratin intermediate filaments.

publication date

  • December 1997