Movement of membrane domains and requirement of membrane signaling molecules for cytokinesis. Academic Article uri icon


  • Plasma membrane subdomains enriched in sphingolipids, cholesterol, and signaling proteins are critical for organization of actin, membrane trafficking, and cell polarity, but the role of such domains in cytokinesis in animal cells is unknown. Here, we show that eggs form a plasma membrane domain enriched in ganglioside G(M1) and cholesterol where tyrosine phosphorylated proteins occur at late anaphase at the contractile ring. The equatorial membrane domain forms by movement-specific lipids and proteins and is dependent on anaphase onset, myosin light chain phosphorylation, actin, and microtubules. Isolated detergent-resistant membranes contain Src and PLCgamma, which become tyrosine phosphorylated at cytokinesis, and whose activation is required for furrow progression. These studies suggest that membrane domains at the cleavage furrow possess a signaling pathway that contributes to cytokinesis.

publication date

  • December 2005