Polar Expansion During Cytokinesis Academic Article uri icon


  • Vesicle trafficking and new membrane addition at the cleavage furrow have been extensively documented. However, less clear is the old idea that expansion at the cell poles occurs during cytokinesis. We find that new membrane is added to the cell poles during anaphase, causing the plasma membrane to expand coincident with the constriction of the contractile ring and may provide a pushing force for membrane ingression at the furrow. This membrane addition occurs earlier during mitosis than membrane addition at the furrow and is dependent on actin and astral microtubules. The membrane that is added at the polar regions is compositionally distinct from the original cell membrane in that it is devoid of GM1, a component of lipid rafts. These findings suggest that the growth of the plasma membrane at the cell poles during cell division is not due to stretching as previously thought, but due to the addition of compositionally unique new membrane. (C) 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc

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  • November 2012