Motor corollary discharge activity and sensory responses related to ventilation in the skate vestibulolateral cerebellum: implications for electrosensory processing Academic Article uri icon


  • The dorsal granular ridge (DGR) of the elasmobranch vestibulolateral cerebellum is the source of a parallel fiber projection to the electrosensory dorsal nucleus. We report that the DGR in Raja erinacea contains a large percentage of units with activity modulated by the animal's own ventilation. These include propriosensory and electrosensory units, responding to either ventilatory movements or the resulting electroreceptive reafference, and an additional population of units in which activity is phase-locked to the ventilatory motor commands even in animals paralyzed to block all ventilatory movements. A principal function of processing in the dorsal nucleus is the elimination of ventilatory noise in second-order electrosensory neurons. The existence of these ventilatory motor corollary discharge units, along with other DGR units responsive to ventilatory movements, suggests that the parallel fiber projection is involved in the noise cancellation mechanisms.

publication date

  • 1996