A culture-based calibration of benthic foraminiferal paleotemperature proxies: ?<sup>18</sup>O and Mg/Ca results uri icon


  • Abstract. Benthic foraminifera were cultured for five months at four temperatures (4, 7, 14 and 21 °C) to establish the temperature dependence of foraminiferal ?18O and Mg/Ca. Two Bulimina species (B. aculeata and B. marginata) were most successful, adding chambers at all four temperatures and reproducing at 7 and 14 °C. Foraminiferal ?18O values displayed ontogenetic variations, with lower values in younger individuals. The ?18O values of adult specimens decreased with increasing temperature in all but the 4 °C treatment, exhibiting a relationship consistent with previous ?18O paleotemperature calibration studies. Foraminiferal Mg/Ca values, determined by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, were broadly consistent with previous Mg/Ca calibration studies, but extremely high values in the 4 °C treatment and higher than expected values at two of the other three temperatures make it challenging to interpret these results.