Butyltin and PAH Contamination of Mar del Plata Port (Argentina) Sediments and Their Influence on Adjacent Coastal Regions. uri icon


  • The distribution of butyltins (BTs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were studied in surface sediments to assess how relevant is Mar del Plata port (Argentina) as a source of contamination to the surrounding environments. Within the port, TBT concentrations ranged from 24.2 to 150 ng Sn g(-1) and PAHs (?16) from 180 to 17,094 ng g(-1). At the surrounding beaches, PAHs were detected at low concentrations and TBT concentrations reached 10.9 ng Sn g(-1). Although those low levels indicate that the Port might not be an important source of contamination to the surrounding beaches, the very low TOC content and the coarse grain size of the beaches sediments could explain the sedimentary levels. The results show a reduction in TBT levels in Mar del Plata port after national and international use restrictions of TBT-based antifouling paints.

publication date

  • October 2015