KLF13 cooperates with c-Maf to regulate IL-4 expression in CD4+ T cells. uri icon


  • Kruppel-like factor (KLF) 13 is a transcription factor that positively regulates expression of the chemokine RANTES 3-5 d after activation of T cells. In this study, we document a key role for KLF13 in the expression of IL-4 in CD4(+) T cells. Gene expression analysis in activated T cells from Klf13(-/-) mice showed that IL-4, along with other Th2 cytokine genes, was downregulated when compared with cells from wild-type mice. The decreased levels of IL-4 were not associated with changes in expression of the Th2-inducing transcription factors GATA3 or c-Maf. Additional analysis revealed that KLF13 directly binds to IL-4 promoter regions and synergizes with c-Maf to positively regulate IL-4 expression. These results indicate that KLF13 is a positive regulator for differentiation of Th2 cells, as part of the transcriptional machinery that regulates IL-4 production in Th2 cells.

publication date

  • June 15, 2014