Adult Neural Stem Cells and Multiciliated Ependymal Cells Share a Common Lineage Regulated by the Geminin Family Members. uri icon


  • Adult neural stem cells and multiciliated ependymal cells are glial cells essential for neurological functions. Together, they make up the adult neurogenic niche. Using both high-throughput clonal analysis and single-cell resolution of progenitor division patterns and fate, we show that these two components of the neurogenic niche are lineally related: adult neural stem cells are sister cells to ependymal cells, whereas most ependymal cells arise from the terminal symmetric divisions of the lineage. Unexpectedly, we found that the antagonist regulators of DNA replication, GemC1 and Geminin, can tune the proportion of neural stem cells and ependymal cells. Our findings reveal the controlled dynamic of the neurogenic niche ontogeny and identify the Geminin family members as key regulators of the initial pool of adult neural stem cells.

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  • April 3, 2019

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