The Moss Physcomitrium (Physcomitrella) patens: A Model Organism for Non-Seed Plants. uri icon


  • Since the discovery two decades ago that transgenes are efficiently integrated into the genome of Physcomitrella patens by homologous recombination, this moss has been a premier model system to study evolutionary developmental biology questions, stem cell reprogramming, and the biology of nonvascular plants. Ppatens was the first non-seed plant to have its genome sequenced. With this level of genomic information, together with increasing molecular genetic tools, a large number of reverse genetic studies have propelled the use of this model system. A number of technological advances have recently opened the door to forward genetics as well as extremely efficient and precise genome editing in Ppatens Additionally, careful phylogenetic studies with increased resolution have suggested that Ppatens emerged from within Physcomitrium Thus, rather than Physcomitrella patens, the species should be named Physcomitrium patens Here we review these advances and describe the areas where Ppatens has had the most impact on plant biology.

publication date

  • May 2020