An Experimental Model for Simultaneous Study of Migration of Cell Fragments, Single Cells, and Cell Sheets. uri icon


  • Recent studies have demonstrated distinctive motility and responses to extracellular cues of cells in isolation, cells collectively in groups, and cell fragments. Here we provide a protocol for generating cell sheets, isolated cells, and cell fragments of keratocytes from zebrafish scales. The protocol starts with a comprehensive fish preparation, followed by critical steps for scale processing and subsequent cell sheet generation, single cell isolation, and cell fragment induction, which can be accomplished in just 3 days including a 36-48 h incubation time. Compared to other approaches that usually produce single cells only or together with either fragments or cell groups, this facile and reliable methodology allows generation of all three motile forms simultaneously. With the powerful genetics in zebrafish our model system offers a useful tool for comparison of the mechanisms by which cell sheets, single cells, and cell fragments respond to extracellular stimuli.

publication date

  • 2016