FAM81A protein, a novel component of the postsynaptic density in adult brain. Academic Article uri icon


  • Analysis of affinity-purified PSD-95 complexes had previously identified a 'hypothetical protein', product of the gene FAM81A [1]. The present study examined the tissue and subcellular distribution of FAM81A protein and its expression levels during development. Comparison of different organs indicates selective expression of FAM81A protein in brain. FAM81A is expressed late in development, with a post-natal gradual increase in brain levels that parallels the expression of PSD-95. Comparison of subcellular fractions from adult brain shows that the distribution of FAM81A protein is similar to that of PSD-95, with a drastic enrichment in the postsynaptic density fraction. Immuno-electron microscopy of adult brain tissue reveals specific immunogold labeling for FAM81A protein at postsynaptic densities in the forebrain. The label for FAM81A protein is concentrated at the cytoplasmic edge of the electron-dense core of the postsynaptic density, with a mean distance of ?33?nm from the postsynaptic membrane. These observations firmly establish FAM81A protein as a component of the postsynaptic density in the adult brain, suggesting a role in synaptic function.

publication date

  • April 23, 2019