Distribution of densin in neurons. Academic Article uri icon


  • Densin is a scaffold protein known to associate with key elements of neuronal signaling. The present study examines the distribution of densin at the ultrastructural level in order to reveal potential sites that can support specific interactions of densin. Immunogold electron microscopy on hippocampal cultures shows intense labeling for densin at postsynaptic densities (PSDs), but also some labeling at extrasynaptic plasma membranes of soma and dendrites and endoplasmic reticulum. At the PSD, the median distance of label from the postsynaptic membrane was ~27 nm, with the majority of label (90%) confined within 40 nm from the postsynaptic membrane, indicating predominant localization of densin at the PSD core. Depolarization (90 mM K+ for 2 min) promoted a slight shift of densin label within the PSD complex resulting in 77% of label remaining within 40 nm from the postsynaptic membrane. Densin molecules firmly embedded within the PSD may target a minor pool of CaMKII to substrates at the PSD core.

publication date

  • 2018