Compiled temperature, salinity, density, and in-situ velocity sections along the north-east Chukchi Shelfbreak Dataset uri icon


  • This data was compiled from June-Aug. 2014, and covers all historical hydrography in the north-east Chukchi shelfbreak region with in-situ velocity measurements available at the time of compilation. All data is provided as collected, and the velocity data has been detided by the Oregon State University tidal inversion software (see Padman and Erofeeva, 2004). Nine of the total 46 sections required detiding (see ‘chukchi_data_sources.pdf’), and seven of these nine required additional quality control to remove ship velocities from the record. Overall, the record extends from May 2002 through July 2014. Seasonally, the data is limited to May through October, with data from May through June only available from 2002-4. In addition, there is an absence of data between 2004 and 2009, restricting interannual analyses to be comparisons between the early (2002-4) and late (2009-14) regimes.

publication date

  • July 26, 2016