Immunological comparison of desmosomal components from several bovine tissues. Academic Article uri icon


  • A panel of monoclonal antibodies and conventional antisera directed against desmosomal proteins from bovine muzzle epidermis was used to identify immunologically related proteins from two other bovine stratified squamous epithelia, cornea and esophagus. Desmosome-enriched tissue fractions were prepared from epidermis, cornea, and esophagus. These tissue extracts were electrophoresed on sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)-polyacrylamide gels, blotted onto nitrocellulose paper, and labeled using an indirect immunoperoxidase technique. Labeling with the conventional antisera demonstrates that each of the previously characterized epidermal desmosomal proteins or protein families has an immunologically cross-reacting counterpart in cornea and esophagus. However, chemical differences between homologous desmosomal proteins in these three tissues have also been detected. The corresponding proteins in the different tissues have similar but not always identical apparent molecular weights. Moreover, tissue-restricted antigenic determinants were detected in two of the desmosomal proteins families using four monoclonal antibodies, each of which recognizes a distinct antigenic determinant.

publication date

  • 1984