Samp1 is a component of TAN lines and is required for nuclear movement. Academic Article uri icon


  • The position of the nucleus is regulated in different developmental stages and cellular events. During polarization, the nucleus moves away from the future leading edge and this movement is required for proper cell migration. Nuclear movement requires the LINC complex components nesprin-2G and SUN2, which form transmembrane actin-associated nuclear (TAN) lines at the nuclear envelope. Here we show that the nuclear envelope protein Samp1 (NET5) is involved in nuclear movement during fibroblast polarization and migration. Moreover, we demonstrate that Samp1 is a component of TAN lines that contain nesprin-2G and SUN2. Finally, Samp1 associates with SUN2 and lamin A/C, and the presence of Samp1 at the nuclear envelope requires lamin A/C. These results support a role for Samp1 in the association between the LINC complex and lamins during nuclear movement.

publication date

  • March 1, 2012