Can lateral redistribution of auxin account for phototropism of maize coleoptiles? Academic Article uri icon


  • Elongation growth of intact, red-light grown maize (Zea mays L.) coleoptiles was studied by applying a small spot of an indole acetic acid (IAA)-lanolin mixture to the coleoptile tip. We report that: (a) endogenous auxin is limiting for growth, (b) an approximately linear relation holds between auxin concentration and growth rate over a range which spans those rates occurring in phototropism, and (c) an auxin gradient established at the coleoptile tip is well sustained during its basipetal transport. We argue that the growth differential underlying coleoptile phototropism (first-positive curvature) can be explained by redistribution of auxin at the coleoptile tip.

publication date

  • May 1986