[Structure of long terminal repeats of transcriptionally active and inactive copies of the mobile dispersed gene MDG3 in Drosophila melanogaster]. Academic Article uri icon


  • The nucleotide sequences of long terminal repeats (LTRs) and adjacent regions are determined in the transcribed and non-transcribed variants of a mobile dispersed genetic element MDG3. MDG3 is similar to other mdg elements. A 4 bp duplication of the host DNA is generated upon its integration. MDG3 is flanked by a 5 bp inverted repeat. The length of the LTRs varies in different MDG3 variants, the difference being connected mainly with duplications of certain sequences in U3 and R regions. The copies with 267 bp LTR are the most abundant ones and perfectly conservative in their primary structure. They are transcribed in 67J25D cell culture and are not transcribed in Kc cell line, where another variant with LTR length 293 bp is transcriptionally active. S1-mapping of transcription initiation and termination sites has demonstrated that in both MDG3 variants they are situated in the same positions, and the LTR itself may be subdivided into U3, R and U5 regions, like retroviral LTRs. Possible factors involved in the regulation of mdg transcription are discussed.

publication date

  • March 1986