Zebrafish in comparative context: A symposium. Academic Article uri icon


  • The Symposium "Zebrafish in Comparative Context" was organized to bring together two largely separate but highly complementary research traditions in order to make developmental and genetic information about a model species (Danio rerio, the zebrafish) more accessible to the comparative biology community. The meeting focused on the relationship of this model organism to other vertebrates (particularly other fishes) using a comparative and evolutionary approach. Topics included the phylogeny of cypriniform fishes, genome evolution, the evolution of gastrulation, dentition, pigmentation, craniofacial development, and nervous system structure and function. Participants also met informally to discuss ways to facilitate collaborative projects in areas of common interest and determine priorities for the development of shared resources. Continuing interactions between comparative biologists, with their extensive body of knowledge of morphological variation among fish species, and developmental biologists and geneticists working with model species such as the zebrafish will facilitate our understanding of the evolution of developmental patterns and processes in vertebrates.

publication date

  • October 2006