A database for zooplankton net tow data Report uri icon


  • This report describes the design and implementation of a database to store zooplankton net tow data and the applications programming done to update and access the database using the Sigma 7 Extended Database Management System. The database contains information about each tow (cruise name, tow number, type of tow, year, month, day, time of day, longitude, latitude, area of tow, day-night code); each sample (depth code; minimum and maximum depth; minimum, maximum and average values of temperature, salinity, oxygen, light and chlorophyll; total biomass; aliquot size; and volume of water filtered); each species (family, genus, species names, and catch per 1000 m3). Information can be retrieved by user-written applications programs or with the Sigma 7 Interactive Database Processor, which can either print a report of the retrieved data or store it in a file for further processing. As presently formulated, the database can store up to 500 tows or samples, 10 families, 100 genera, 500 species and 50,000 catch records.

publication date

  • June 1980