Inosine induced mutations. Academic Article uri icon


  • Two complementary 24 base single stranded oligonucleotides containing randomly located inosine residues were synthesized in vitro. Once annealed, the two oligonucleotides were cloned into derivatives of ColE1 and transformed into Escherichia coli. Sequence analysis of 157 clones yielded 305 mutations. The pattern of the mutations revealed the following: (1) The frequency of inosine induced mutations was significantly less than predicted from its content in the oligonucleotides; (2) Inosine incorporation resulted almost exclusively in base changes to guanine; (3) The mutation distribution is biased towards A/T to G/C substitutions; (4) There were reproducible position biases; and (5) There was a reproducible strand bias which was independent of the cassette orientation with respect to the plasmid origin of replication.

publication date

  • September 1988