hVps41 and VAMP7 function in direct TGN to late endosome transport of lysosomal membrane proteins. Academic Article uri icon


  • Targeted delivery of lysosome-associated membrane proteins is important for lysosome stability and function. Here we identify a pathway for transport of lysosome-associated membrane proteins directly from the trans-Golgi network to late endosomes, which exists in parallel to mannose 6-phosphate receptor and clathrin-dependent transport of lysosomal enzymes to early endosomes. By immunoelectron microscopy we localized endogenous LAMP-1 and -2 as well as LAMP-1-mGFP to non-coated, biosynthetic carriers at the trans-Golgi network and near late endosomes. These LAMP carriers were negative for mannose 6-phosphate receptor, adaptor-protein complex-1, secretory albumin and endocytic markers, but contained the homotypic fusion and protein sorting complex component hVps41 and the soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein receptors protein VAMP7. Knockdown of hVps41 or VAMP7 resulted in the accumulation of lysosome-associated membrane protein carriers, whereas knockdown of hVps39 or hVps18 did not, indicating that the effect of hVps41 is independent of CORVET/HOPS. Mannose 6-phosphate receptor carriers remained unaffected upon hVps41 or VAMP7 knockdown, implicating that hVps41 and VAMP7 are specifically involved in the fusion of trans-Golgi network-derived lysosome-associated membrane protein carriers with late endosomes.

publication date

  • 2013