The cGMP-gated cation channel of bovine rod photoreceptor cells is associated with a 240-kDa protein exhibiting immunochemical cross-reactivity with spectrin. Academic Article uri icon


  • A 240-kDa protein exhibiting immunochemical cross-reactivity with red blood cell spectrin has been shown to be directly associated with the 63-kDa cGMP-gated channel of bovine rod outer segments. When detergent-solubilized, chromatographically purified channel preparations were treated with Sepharose beads coupled to either an anti-240-kDa monoclonal antibody (PMs 4B2) or an anti-63-kDa channel monoclonal antibody (PMc 1D1), both the 240-kDa protein and the 63-kDa channel protein were concomitantly immunoprecipitated as analyzed by Western blotting of sodium dodecyl sulfate gels. Both of these antibody-Sepharose matrices also removed cGMP-gated channel activity as measured by functional reconstitution. In control studies anti-rhodopsin monoclonal antibody (Rho 1D4)-Sepharose beads removed residual rhodopsin, but not the 63/240-kDa complex or channel activity. Western blotting of purified rod outer segment disk and plasma membrane fractions and immunogold-dextran labeling of lysed rod outer segments indicated that the 240-kDa polypeptide, like the 63-kDa channel, is preferentially localized to the plasma membrane as visualized by electron microscopy. The 240-kDa protein does not appear to be directly involved in the cGMP-gated channel activity, but it may be part of a cytoskeletal system that serves to maintain the organization of the 63-kDa channel complex within the rod outer segment plasma membrane.

publication date

  • October 25, 1990