Neuronal and glial gap junctions in the goldfish preoptic area, a thin section and freeze-fracture study. Academic Article uri icon


  • In freeze-fracture, both large macular gap junctions and long thin gap junctions surrounded by a strand of tight junction were found on neurosecretory cells. Preoptic neurons show large areas of soma-to-soma apposition, but thin section showed no evidence for gap junctions between neuronal somata. Neurosecretory cell neurites formed parallel bundles in neuropil lateral to the nucleus, and gap junctions were found between the neurites. These junctions apparently correspond to macular junctions seen on neurosecretory elements in freeze-fracture. Some large macular gap junctions found in freeze-fracture presumably correspond to junctions seen between glial cells in thin section. However, glial membranes lacked characteristics distinguishing them from neuronal membranes. In one instance, a large apparent glial sheet process formed both macular and long thin gap junctions on different surfaces. The long thin gap junctions that were surrounded by a strand of tight junction were formed with a large neurosecretory cell soma. Extensive pinocytosis was observed at some membranes forming gap junctions.

publication date

  • November 1, 1988