Calcium oscillations in neocortical astrocytes under epileptiform conditions. Academic Article uri icon


  • Morphological and functional alterations in astrocytic glia are often found in epileptic syndromes, although the exact role of astrocytes in epilepsy is poorly understood. During calcium imaging of epileptiform events in juvenile neocortical slices we previously discovered cells with spontaneous oscillations in their intracellular free calcium concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)). We have now characterized these oscillations using two in vitro models of epilepsy and find that they are produced by astrocytes. Astrocytic oscillations are widespread throughout the imaged territories, are remarkably regular and have long periods, averaging 100 s, which become shorter during development. Astrocytic oscillations are uncorrelated among themselves and with epileptiform events, are blocked by internal release antagonists and are stimulated by caffeine. Astrocytic calcium oscillations could mediate reactive astrogliosis, contribute to the pathogenesis of chronic epileptic syndromes, and be used as a diagnostic test for epileptic tissue.

publication date

  • January 2002