The Effect of RNA Editing and ADARs on miRNA Biogenesis and Function. Academic Article uri icon


  • From analysis of deep-sequencing data it is apparent that sequence differences occur between the genome and miRNAs. Changes from genomic A to an apparent G in miRNA can be accounted for by the editing activity of ADARs. Questions that arise from this observation are: How many miRNAs are edited and to what frequency? Is there a specific step in the biogenesis of miRNAs that is preferentially susceptible to editing by ADARs? However the key question is whether editing affects the downstream activity of miRNAs. Despite much evidence that miRNAs are edited, critical examination of the functional data shows a dearth of examples where editing has been demonstrated to actually affect the downstream miRNA activity in vivo. Even where it is demonstrated that RNA editing can affect biogenesis or targeting of a particular miRNA, effects may be limited by redundancy within the miRNA network.

publication date

  • 2011