A user’s manual for finite difference synthetic seismogram codes on the CYBER 205 and CRAY XMP-12 Report uri icon


  • Over the past eight years, a software package has been developed to solve the elastic wave equation by the method of finite differences (Hunt et al., 1983; Stephen, 1983; Stephen, 1984a; Stephen, 1984b; Nicoletis, 1981). The elastic wave equation can be solved in two dimensions for point sources in cylindrical coordinates or line sources in rectangular coordinates. Compressional and shear velocity and density are allowed to vary both vertically and radially. Since the code is very computationally intensive for realistic size models, it has been implemented on two Class VI super computers: the Cyber 205 at Purdue University and the Cray XMP-l2 at the Naval Research Laboratory. This technical report is a user's manual for running the code on these machines. It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with running the code on the VAX ll-780 (Hunt et al., 1983).

publication date

  • November 1986