Description of W.H.O.I. rock dredge samples : volume 3 Report uri icon


  • This report is Volume III of DESCRIPTIONS OF WHOI ROCK DREDGE SAMPLES. This series represents a major effort to catalog the rock dredge samples in the WHOI Sea Floor Samples collection, and to disseminate this information throughout the scientific community. Volume III contains sample descriptions and station data for the dredge stations from five cruises during the period September 1978 through December 1980. The material in this and subsequent volumes of rock descriptions was largely prepared onboard ship by the participating scientists. Volumes I and II are now being prepared by the WHOI Curatorial staff, and describe material in the rock collection obtained prior to 1978. Volume III is being printed prior to volumes I and II because of the excellent documentation of the samples represented in this volume, and because more effort remains in documenting the samples obtained on some of the older cruises. We expect that volumes I and II will be printed and distributed with in the next year.

publication date

  • May 1981